2019 Work Projects

  • Wood Gathering/Stick It

    Kids gather 'kindling' for our 3 fire pit areas and bird brush piles. Helps to have adults with small saws to use when necessary. Ideal for small groups or a family.  

  • Lodge Painting

    Whether you want to 'trim it out' or 'roll it on', your painting skills are needed. We provide the paint, you provide the rollers and extra-tall ladders. Great project for adults. 

  • Storm Repair(s)

    There are so many repairs needed! Large objects need to be removed from the woods. May need a winch and 4 x 4. Definitely need strong-bodied folks. Many objects can be taken apart with saws and reduced to fire wood.  

  • Rebuilding the Bridge

    Our footbridge is totally gone! Wiped out and down the creek 40 feet. A new bridge needs to be constructed and wide enough for an emergency 4 x 4 to go across the bridge. We can provide building plans, if that helps!

  • Tree Removal from Creek

    Multiple trees (large trees) are down and laying across the creek. We need them cut back, at least enough for passage. There may be a creative way to use them in places for climbing and balancing objects. Definitely need skilled chain saw operators for this work.


    We have four 'kinda' tree houses that need to be repaired or completed. Materials are mostly here! We hope to be able to house older youth or staff in these when ready! Take on one treehouse — or all four!

  • Kitchen Shower

    Is your small church looking for a way to make a big difference? We need a total clean up, restock and rearrange of our kitchen. We can provide a complete list of items needed that would take us through our 2019 camp season. Every little bit helps!

  • Gutting the Double-Wide

    Due to extensive rain and storm damage, one of our double-wides needs to be gutted on one whole side. Then we can begin the process of putting in a bath and preparing it for staff housing.