About Us

Make a Difference, Make a Contribution


The mission of this organization shall be to nurture the spirituality of any person, to facilitate the gathering of people, and to equip them for love and  good deeds in the likeness of Jesus Christ.

The nurture and care of children shall be its top priority. The embracing of God’s creation at Camp Selah shall be its primary tool of ministry.



This mission shall be implemented through individual and group experiences such as retreats, camps, opportunities for spiritual direction, seminars, workshops, festivals and electronic conversations.



  1. The life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
  2. The created spirituality of each person.
  3. The transformation of human lives through the conversion and nurturing of their souls.
  4. The importance of both knowledge and wisdom.
  5. The creative arts.
  6. Honoring all people as children of God without regard to race, color, socioeconomic status, physically or mentally disadvantaged, denomination affiliation or sexual orientation.



The mission and vision of this work shall be guided by a designated community (Board of Directors and subsequent Advisors/Counsels) who are committed to the teachings of Christ.