Volunteers Needed!

We are currently looking a team of volunteers to assist us in executing some very important camp sessions this summer. If you are available to help, or would like more information about volunteer service to Camp Selah, please complete the following brief form. We’ll get back to you quickly.

Camp Companions
Key characteristic:  Over 16 and enjoy spending time with a kid

Kitchen Crew:
Key characteristic:  Enjoys preparing food and having others enjoy eating it

Buildings and Grounds Crew:
Key characteristic:  Enjoys mowing grass and fixing simple things, like stopped up toilets.

Camp Cleaners:
Key characteristic: Enjoys preparing camp space for arrival and tidying up on departure.

Program Crew:
Key characteristic:  Enjoys music, art, recreation, nature, storytelling and teaching children and youth about those wonderful gifts.


How to volunteer at Camp Selah

There are three very important ways you can help Camp Selah.

  1. First, we need you to hold Camp Selah in prayers. Pray that God will use the camp to bring folks into the right relationship with each other, and also to God. Pray for wisdom in all the decisions that are involved with this ministry, so we might be good stewards of the resources that God has entrusted to us. Pray that God will bring to this amazing place of creation and creativity, those who need to come, children and adults.
  2. Second, give and give generously of your spirit, your time, your talents and your money. If you feel this is a place you would like to serve please send us an email to president@campselahministries.com . One of the key ways you can increase this ministry is to share it with others – tell everybody.
  3. Finally, VOLUNTEER. If not you, who? We all have the same twenty four hours in any given day. What if you gave one day a month to Camp Selah. What if you gave one hour a week in prayer? What if you told one person a day about this ‘little camp.”



Wish List:

Work Teams:

  1. Volunteer CPA
  2. Designer for bath house, retreat cabin and yes – tree houses.
  3. Work teams, particularly wood cutters
  4. Eagle scouts who need projects.
  5. Paint and Painters for Dining Hall
  6. Experienced seamstress who can make curtains.
  7. Someone to make the tractor work!!!
  8. Grounds crews for one week a month!
  9. People who can haul off stuff.
  10. Team to continue the removal of debris
  11. Team to continue the clearing of trails
  12. Team to remove deer stands


Item Wish List:

  1. Commercial kitchen equipment
  2. Sponsor for camp t shirts
  3. Sponsor for camp water bottles
  4. Sponsor for Winter Bird Feeding Day
  5. Round Table Cloths (Plastic and Cloth)
  6. Outside door – boys side sleep quarters (Ark)
  7. Environmental packages
  8. Tree Houses
  9. Trail Maps
  10. Two-way radios
  11. Grills
  12. New storage sheds


Those interested in

  1. Prayer walking
  2. Labyrinths
  3. Women’s Day
  4. Men’s Day
  5. Camp Nurse
  6. Volunteering with Children’s Camp
  7. Music Ministry with Youth
  8. Conversations that matter
  9. Mom and Daughter Weekend
  10. Dad and Son Weekend